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Polyurethane Mix Heads

Mixhead – Foam Gun – Transfer | Straight Head

EPW manufactures Midwest Precision Mixheads (MPM) in the following configurations:  Straight Heads, Transfer Heads, Spray Heads, Foam Guns, Polyurethane Guns and Urethane Guns for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM) and Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding (RRIM). We build and supply a wide range of Mixhead sizes, many with modifications to meet specific customer needs.

Why EPW Polyurethane Mix Heads are Better

We use high tech hardened Steel alloys, precision machining, EDM, grinding, and special treatments of critical components in order to provide enhanced wear resistance, reduced friction. As a result every EPW Mixhead has superior reliability and a long lifetime between repairs.

We offer custom machining to all our customers for various components related or unrelated to our systems. Our machining abilities include 5 axis surfaces. Our designing capabilities include Siemens NX8 and Cimatron.

EPW repairs and refurbishes our Mixheads and ALL of Our Competitors Mixheads with remarkable turnaround times while maintaining a reasonable cost.

EPW / MPM Mixhead R&D facility works closely with material suppliers and customers to design and build a material distribution system that allows a larger processing window for various applications. Our facility develops and manufactures a wide variety of Mixheads including:

L Mixhead

Mixhead - L Head

Mixhead – L Head

The EPW L-shaped mixing head consist of two cylinder operated chambers hydraulically operated. Optimum mixing is achieved by the turbulence created by the high velocity impingement of the two components.

High velocity impingement mixing is a very important and unique part of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). Impingement ranges from 110 to 180 degrees. We also offer a 120/30 degree compound angled impingement. We custom design, build and test other impingements.

Our length of the mixing chamber is longer than others; it gives more time for the chemicals to mix for a more consistent process. A more consistent process will help improve the quality of your more complex parts. A longer Mixhead chamber is the best choice when the maximum laminar flow is needed for complex pour geometries.

Straight Mixhead

Straight Mixhead

Straight Mixhead

The Straight head Mixhead has been completely redesigned to increase the manufacturing lifespan of the straight Mixhead.

Using the science behind impingement mixing and the chemical reaction that occurs within the Mixhead injector nozzle we have created a Mixhead that is efficient and reliable throughout the RIM, SRIM and RRim processes.

Our newest design combines proven technologies with cutting edge processes improving your facilities productivity through reliability.

Design through simplicity. This head can easily be rebuilt on the shop floor with in hours. Simple and quick Mixhead rebuilds means your production line has less down time increasing your throughput.

Multi-Component Mix Head

Mixhead Duplex Head

Mixhead Duplex Style (Multi-Component)

The EPW Multi Component – Mixing head consists of as many as 4 cylinder mix piston chambers. Optimum mixing is achieved by impingement of 110 degrees to 180 degrees.

The Multi-Component Mix Head is designed and built as a modular design allowing further flexibility and precision processing.

Complex pour location geometries requiring an EPW Multi-Component Mix Head will benefit from our continuous recirculation of chemicals until you are ready to start the pour.


  • All of our Mix Heads share the following features and benefits:
  • Transfer style “L” and straight head for optimal performance over a wide range of chemicals and open or closed pour applications
  • Good for everyday production reliability
  • Efficient processing of polyurethane
  • Consistent piston speed
  • Components made of hardened steel Alloy
  • Surface treatment of pistons
  • Extended seal life, all finish exceeds any recommendations from seal manufacturers
  • Individual chemicals are re-circulated through the same orifices continuously
  • Provides fresher material for better parts, less scrap, enhances performance of the mix
  • Internal circulation groove
  • Avoids lead lag
  • Each Mixhead is easily adaptable
  • We use JIC fittings, no need to stock metric adapters
  • EPW’s length of the mixing chamber is longer than others; giving more time for chemicals to mix
  • Open and closed pour
  • Self cleaning


Mixhead Specifications

Mixhead Ordering Information
.250/.375-2 .375/.500-2 .500/.750-2 .750/1.000-2 1.000/1.500
Mixing Piston Diameter .250″=6.4mm .375″=9.5mm .500″=12.7mm .750″=19.1mm 1.000″=25.4mm
Clean-Out Piston Diameter .375″=9.5mm .500=12.7mm .750=19.1mm 1.000″=25.4mm 1.500″=38.1mm
Maximum Orifice Size 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.5mm 5.0mm 6.5mm
Approximate Output Range At 1:1 Ratio 40-220gr/sec 70-500gr/sec 145-1100gr/sec 600-2200gr/sec 1000-4320gr/sec
Approximate Output Range At 2:1 Ratio 45-165gr/sec 76-375gr/sec 158-825gr/sec 660-1650gr/sec 1100-3240gr/sec
Open Pour Output Range 40-160gr/sec 70-280gr/sec 145-630gr/sec 600-1300gr/sec 1000-2400gr/sec
Mixhead Weight 25lbs=11.3kg 28lbs=12.6kg 33lbs=14.85kg 38lbs=17.1kg 50lbs=22.5kg
  • Other size combinations of mixing/clean-out pistons for special applications are also available.


Duplex Style Mixheads

This Mixhead family was developed from the regular transfer Mixheads to allow dispensing of two chemical systems.

For example: multi-density systems or rigid/flexible systems with one robot and one Mixhead. Each head has two mixing sections and one shared dispensing section.

Duplex Mixhead Ordering Information
.375/.500-2 .500/.750–2 .750/.1000-2
Mixing Piston Diameter .375″=9.5mm .500″=12.7mm .750″=17.1mm
Clean-Out Piston Diameter .500″ = 12.7mm .750″ = 19.1mm 1.000″ = 25.4mm
Mixhead Weight 36lbs = 16.2kg 43lbs = 19.4kg 50lbs = 22.5kg


The output range is similar to the according standard transfer. What this is in reference to is, the shot size or amount of material that can be pushed through the head with each shot.


  • Fixed orifices or manually adjustable needle/orifice assemblies
  • Spring loaded needle/orifice assemblies
  • Hydraulically operated needle assembly
  • Additional proximity switch for mixing piston to allow for automatic shot time correction
  • Custom sized dispense nozzles
  • 3rd component addition
  • Recessed cleanout piston assembly