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About EPW

EPW – Specializing in Highly Engineered Molds

Many of the molds that are engineered by EPW are complex work cells that contain fabricated containment with logic and light curtains that create a complete work cell that allows EPW’s customer base to produce production parts within this “containment system” without additional customer capital outlay.

Many of the molds that EPW produces each year requires a level of expertise and engineering soundness that few companies can provide. When reviewing tool styles that EPW manufactures there are key design and lead technicians / tool makers that have worked in the industry and on these types of tools for many, many years. This allows not only an accurate mold construction to our end customer but adds a level of insight with regard to processing, part design and manufacturing feasibility that is shared with our customer to eliminate manufacturing problems related to the initial part geometry, process or tool construction.

EPW’s core competencies include:

EPW can also provide “turn key” systems with it’s affiliated companies. The ability to provide a seamless interface with regard to equipment and tooling installations save our customers time, money and resources by seamlessly working together as one unit to create a manufacturing “turn key” system that is debugged, and operational in a shorter lead time than our competition while working with a voice of unity with respect to the overall system installation.

EPW can help speed your Aluminum Tooling project to the marketplace with our affiliate Phoenix Proto Technologies. Phoenix Proto specializes in ‘No Design Limitation – 3 Weeks or Less’ Aluminum Tooling for 400 ton presses and below.

EPW’s name recognition in the industry stands for quality and the ability to successfully design and build molds for complex part geometry utilizing a vast knowledge base with key design engineering personnel. Literally hundreds of Complex glass encapsulation molds and containment units that have been successfully launched over the last several years. EPW will continue to build and strengthen the EPW name in our markets served by maintaining state of the art technology and software systems.