Foam in Place (FIP) Tooling

Foam in Place, structural foam, elastomeric foam, ridged foam, acoustic foam, back foaming, and energyabsorbation foam are areas of manufacturing that EPW excels at.

The complexity of the FIP mold can be tricky, and the requirements for the finished product requires advanced knowledge of all the possible ways to use FIP.

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Mixhead - Foam Gun

EPW manufactures Midwest Precision Mixheads (MPM) in the following configurations:  Straight Heads, Transfer Heads, Spray Heads, Foam Guns, Polyurethane Guns and Urethane Guns for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM) and Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding (RRIM). We build and supply a wide range of Mixhead sizes, many with modifications to meet specific customer needs.
EPW custom build’s a variety of post operative tooling fixtures to complement the molds we manufacture. Post operative tooling fixture creation gives our customers “one stop shopping”. Complete mold and fixture purchases allow for single source accountability and continuity between the mold and fixture surfaces relative to parting line and run off consistency.

Tooling Articles

Environmentally Friendly Solar Powered Products

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) Tooling is a natural fit for the increased demand for more environmentally friendly products. RIM is at the forefront of this green energy material resource. There are numerous products that are currently produced using RIM tooling and production methods that have saved other natural resources from being depleted. The green energy sector is also one of the fasted growing energy markets from a global perspective.

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In-Mold Grain vs Vacuum Wrapping

EPW designs and builds a wide array of custom vacuum form molds throughout for our tier 1 and tier 2 customer base. Each mold is engineered to provide the best possible grain definition dependent on existing customer capital equipment that is to be used while taking into account which process the current part geometry for the specific project may dictate.

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Green Product Tooling

Some manufacturing methods are not as environmentally friendly as the green products and devices they produce. RIM Tooling is an environmentally friendly process for the following 5 reasons.

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